Richard is well known for his love of mathematics. He develops and presents a range of practical, hands–on Professional Learning Opportunities for teachers and curriculum leaders. He presents workshop sessions at mathematics conventions and conferences in WA, Vic, NSW and Malaysia. He brings a wealth of classroom experience to his PDs and through his consultancy position has implemented modern teaching pedagogy in mathematics by modelling contemporary mathematics lessons in pp-Year 9 for both city and country teachers.

Richard is a trained facilitator of First Steps in Mathematics (Number and Measurement). Through his business DAPMA Educational Consultancy, he has been granted a licence to offer Teacher Courses in First Steps in Mathematics (Number and Measurement).

Professional Learning sessions cover:

  • Focuses mathematics on problem solving, reasoning, algebraic thinking,fractions, decimals and percentage.
  • Money and financial matters, co-operative learning in the mathematics classroom, using mathematics manipulatives and teacher book resources.
  • Analysis of school NAPLAN data. Leadership team meetings with a focus on future directions.
  • Back to Front Mathematics (WA Consultant).
  • Tailored sessions to individual school requirements.