Term Two Thoughts

The end of Term 1 is fast approaching and the young minds you have spent the last 3 months shaping will be subject to 2 weeks of candy, Pixar’s latest animation, and general merriment. So with this in mind it is a good time to think about the return to Term 2.

Dr Catherine Attard in her blog http://engagingmaths.co/2016/01/19/engaging-students-with-mathematics-back-to-school-tips/ talks about the ‘getting to know you activities’ employed by teachers at the start of the year after the Christmas break, Attard suggests that a lot of time is wasted on the return school process, where kids are  colouring in title pages in all of their new workbooks and this precious time on activities that have no real educational purpose. In returning to your classroom in Term 2 have a think about the following:.

  1. How can you take the time to understand your learners’ needs?
  2. Gaining insight into students’ identities as mathematics learners
  3. Have some rich mathematical conversations
  4. Think about how you are going to plan and teach

Four key points start to take shape, understanding your learner, gain insights into their maths ability, what kind mathematical language is being used in your classroom by you as well as your students and finally how are you going to set up a maths plan/lesson that easily illustrates all the points above.

A great quick and easy way to get your students maths mind moving in Term 2 is with Dualoh maths cards games. By engaging in a competitive game it will keep the excitement of the holidays rolling as well as having mathematical benefit. As a teacher through observation you will gain insight into how they approach maths through Dualoh, what kind of terminology they are using and who in your class is struggling.

Dualoh is easy to pick up by anyone, regardless of math ability, and did I mention it is FUN! The games have no time limit which makes them extremely flexible in a classroom setting, play for 5 minutes or 5 hours the choice is yours.  Play Dualoh for 5 minutes at the start of a lesson to get those math brains in motion or to finish off the lesson for some fun.

Dualoh card games allow you to differentiate your classroom, engage students and allow students to communicate with one another in a very social classroom setting. The card games focus on essential maths and provide practice session in basic number facts as a fun learning session

Get Ready for Term 2

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