Realistic Mathematics AFL Rounds 9 and 10

Realism in mathematics makes maths interesting and engages students in real life problems. Often problems are contrived and have very little meaning to the students. If students enjoy/love football then they will thoroughly enjoy mathematics linked to the weekly games of AFL football.

Here is another blog about making maths come alive using real data and problem solving questions about AFL Football. The purpose of this blog is to get students to solve problems and discuss issues raised after the weekly Rounds of the AFL.

To research up-to-date AFL football data go to The Game in Mondays West Australian Newspaper or or

Download the worksheet here



Remember to improve students’ ability to think mentally and develop quick responses use Dualoh maths card games which embrace complex strategies and increasing levels of difficulty. The key is to KEEP MATHS FUN! For further info about acquiring these card games see the shop

Richard is happy to visit your school and show teachers the benefits of using these maths cards games.
Download a copy of the questions to use in your classroom: Footy Maths Rnd 9 & 10

Download the markers guide to use in your classroom: Footy Math marker’s guide

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