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Realism in mathematics makes maths interesting and engages students in real life problems. Often problems are contrived and have very little meaning to the students. If students enjoy/love football then they will thoroughly enjoy mathematics linked to the weekly games of AFL football.

The purpose of this blog is to give teachers some real up-to-date AFL football problems for students to solve and discuss as part of their mathematics classroom. Also see Footy Fever 2016 ‘Whether they are fanatical about footy or new to the game, your students will be engaged with various aspects of football across the entire season using the Pre Game and The Game liftouts, published inside The West Australian.

This program motivates student learning through engagement with real life content as the season unfolds. Their predictions will be confirmed or unravelled, controversies will be revealed and dissected, and excitement will increase or wane with the highs and lows of the season. Will a local team succeed in bringing home the trophy in 2016?’

In the last two weeks of AFL football there has been some interesting results

See if you can solve these problems. You will need to understand using the 6 times tables. For further multiplication practice see the early multiplication card game and the later multiplication card game at here or check out our free lesson planners at free resources

ROUND 1: Carlton and Richmond

Richmond defeated Carlton by 9 points even though Carlton had one more scoring shots. If Carlton score 12 goals 11 behinds. What was Richmond’s score?

Round 2: Collingwood and Richmond

Richmond had more scoring shots than Collingwood, however, Collingwood won by 1 behind with only 22 shots at goal. If Richmond scored 12.14 and had 26 shots at goal what was Collingwood’s score?

What will Richmond do in Round 4 when they play West Coast on Friday 15 April?

Round 1: Melbourne and GWS.
Melbourne had 20 shots for goal scoring 12 goals 8 behinds and won by 2 points. GWS had 28 shots for goal. What was GWS’s score?

Round 1: North Melbourne and Adelaide

North Melbourne won the game by 10 points. If North Melbourne scored 16 goals 11 behinds. What was Adelaide’s Score? Adelaide had the same number of shots for goal as North Melbourne had .

Round 1: Spectators

The number of spectators at the Carlton versus Richmond match was 75 706. Is this higher than or less than the crowd at the Hawthorn and Geelong game in the second round. Which game had the most spectators and what was the difference?

Download a copy of the questions to use in your classroom: See if you can solve these problems

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