Free Resources

Free Resources are for use in your classroom. They cover a range of mathematical teaching ideas covering ALGEBRA, PLACE VALUE, and GEOMETRY. To download the resource click on the ‘download’ link, this will open the resource in a new window where you can save it in a pdf format. These resources are great and utilise learning tools that you will have readily available in your classrooms. The resources include worksheets that target pre-algebra to formal algebra thinking, geometry, mental thinking, problem solving, integrating fractions and cooperative learning. I hope there is something for you which will motivate both yourself and your students.

Name Description Download
Patterning in the F-3 Classroom Activities that develops logical thinking, algebra thinking and problem solving. Download
Algebra Activities for Years 4-7 Activities focusing on skills needed to understand algebraic generalisations. Download
Fraction-Decimal-Percent Graphic organiser for students Download
Money Collect A continuous money game using money dice and links to money addition Download
Place Value Chart Whole number to decimal number information. Download
Decimal Place Value Chart Individual students record to read write and say numbers Download
Place Value Desktop Chart Individual students place value chart. Download
Place Value Ideas Bundling craft sticks to 120 game Download
Place Value Ideas Break 120 subtract dice throw bundling ten game Download
Place Value Ideas One dice MAB addition game. Download
Place Value Ideas Make a Cube: Addition with 2 dice. Download
Place Value Ideas Break a Cube: Addition with 2 dice. Download
Mathematical Language A personal word chart to navigate mathematical language Download
Represent Space Represent Space Download
Represent Transformation Represent Transformation Download
Solving Investigation Work on each of these investigations and show how you solve the problems Download
Solving Tangram Manipulate the tangrams to make different shapes posed on the work cards Download
Block Problems In this problem you are asked to build different number piles with blocks. Download
Four Room Problem In this problem you are asked to build the different four room buildings Download
Points of View This problem covers geometry, direction, logic, spatial visualization Download
Word Problems See if you can win at these word problems. Can you do it? Download