FOOTY MATHS Rounds 11 and 12 and the future

The season is really hotting up. Will the young guns in GWS make the Grand Final? Is Buddy Franklin still in line to make 100 goals?

The Coleman medal leadership board is very interesting.  In the next three rounds each team has a bye so they play 2 out of 3 matches. Therefore there are only six matches for the next three weeks instead of the usual nine matches

In Round 12 an interesting set of statistics happened. All winning teams scored over 100 points in their matches. Melbourne  also kicked over 100 points when they played Collingwood on the Monday holiday of the Queen’s birthday.  More interesting was the fact that three teams that won all scored 15.15 (105 points) in their matches. The teams were GWS in beating Sydney, Adelaide in beating West Coast and Geelong in beating North  Melbourne.

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Download a copy of the questions to use in your classroom: Footy Maths Rnd 11 & 12

Download the markers guide to use in your classroom: Footy Math marker’s guide



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