Footy Maths Round 15,16 & 17

It’s coming to the pointy end of the season and teams are trying their hardest to get in the final 8, WHO will get in? Will your team make the cut?

A number of interesting results happened in Rounds 15, 16 and 17.

Port Adelaide and St Kilda are two games outside the top eight. North Melbourne is hanging onto the 8 th place on the Premiership Ladder. Who will be in position 8 in the future? North Melbourne plays Collingwood in the next Round 18 and meets up with St Kilda in Round 19. If they lose both of these matches it is highly likely that they will drop out of the final 8. Will Port Adelaide or St Kilda make it into the Final 8?

Josh Kennedy (West Coast) is now the leader in the Coleman Medal having kicked 55goals and 27 behinds.

Download the worksheet here



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Download a copy of the questions to use in your classroom: Footy Maths Rnd 15, 16 & 17

Download the markers guide to use in your classroom: Footy Math marker’s guide

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