Australian Women’s Football League 2018

Liven up your classroom using real life mathematics on topics your students will enjoy. Get your students involved in applied maths with AFL maths worksheets.

Have fun in your classroom completing AFL maths worksheets and activities with your students using applied maths from real life data from Womens AFL 2018 Round 1.

AFL WOMENS Footy Maths Worksheets for Round 1 2018 focus on the close Round 1. Solve problems, complete calculations, fill in data and make predictions about what will happen in the rest of the 2018 season.

Get your students involved in applied maths that deals with real life using data .

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Football isn’t just for the boys as more and more girls are picking up the oval shaped ball. According to the WA Football Commission, 10,762 girls played Auskick last year, compared with 9656 in 2015.

The overall growth of West Aussie females participating in Australian rules — from Auskick and junior ranks to senior amateur levels — is staggering, leaping nearly 43 per cent from 49,087 in 2015 to 70,065 last year.

This growth in the junior leagues coupled with the exciting Australian Women’s football League means that the girls can keep up with the boys and that AFL in it’s various incarnations is safeguarded for now and into the future

Many of those girls are just as passionate and serious about their football as boys and can now share the same lofty, elite goal — to play in the national league.

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Download a copy of the questions to use in your classroom: Womens Footy Maths Rnd 1

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