AFL Maths Student Worksheet Round 21 & 22

Liven up your classroom using real life mathematics on topics your students will enjoy. Get your students involved in applied maths with AFL maths worksheets.

Have fun in your classroom completing AFL maths worksheets and activities with your students using applied maths from real life data from AFL 2017 Round 21.

AFL Footy Maths Worksheets for Round 21 2017 focus on the close Rounds 21, Coleman Medal (Leading Goal kickers), the critical matches in Round 21, the top 4 and the top 8. Solve problems, complete calculations, fill in data and make predictions about what will happen in the rest of the 2017 season.

Use these AFL Maths Student Worksheet to look at the accuracy of the games best goal kickers and compare the winners with the losers from round 21. Which team drew the biggest crowds, which team won by the biggest margin, these fun AFL activities will have you thinking in no time.

AFL Footy Maths for Round 21 and 22. Josh Kennedy had two good weeks and is now the leader in the Coleman Medal. In this set of activities we will look at the Coleman Medal in detail and also look carefully at the horror fortnight Fremantle had.

More statistics and problem solving questions can be found in this week’s AFL Maths Student Worksheet.

Download the worksheet here


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Download a copy of the questions to use in your classroom: Footy Maths Rnd 21

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